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Cooperative learning is a very successful teaching strategy. Cooperative learning is when a teacher places students into teams or groups. These groups are made up of students with differing levels of learning ability and participate in different activities to help them better understand a subject. By using cooperative learning, students will feel as though they are equally important members of the class (“What Is Cooperative Learning, and What Does It Do?: Groupwork Advice for Teachers (Grades K-12) – TeacherVision,” 2016). When students work in groups, they end up breaking out of social shells and depend upon each other to help find the solution or answers they are looking for. Students can help explain the subject matter to others and collaborate what they find and where they found it. I feel as though cooperative learning should take place semi-often. By placing students into groups too often, students might become reliant on group work when they also need to learn how to solve problems, find answers and research information on their own as well.
What Is Cooperative Learning, and What Does It Do?

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