• April 27th, 2016

Researching and analysis of a contemporary issue in business and management

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

To undertake this 2000 word assignment you will chose one of the two questions from the
assessment brief for assignment 2 that will be posted on studynet on 21st March 2016. For this
assignment you are required to identify and use published academic as well as practitioner,
policy and news sources. The examples you might use to discuss the question should be the
result of your own research and based on published material that goes beyond the core text
book and other reading provided as part of this module. You are encouraged to compare and
contrast different examples or perspectives to generate a critical discussion which relates
practical examples to theories and concepts that were covered in the module. This assignment should have no more than 2200 words, of which no more than 200 words make up the
reflective element. The analytical part needs to consist of a clearly presented essay style text which is
structured through headings (for example introduction, research/examples found, discussion,
conclusion) and which includes in-text references to published work, which are then listed in a reference
list at the end. The reference list is excluded from the word count. The reflective part does not require
any references to published work but should refer to specific incidents or contexts in which you gained
particular insights. Topic A – Businesses use increasingly sophisticated methods for mining and analysing personal data we
generate, often unknowingly. Drawing on your own research critically discuss ethical challenges arising
from the commercially motivated collection, utilisation and storage of personal data. Using specific
examples of business practices you have identified through your own research, illustrate how these
challenges can be addressed. Relating these practical examples to relevant material from the module
curriculum, identify and critically discuss opportunities as well as limitations arising from tensions
between the drive for increased personalisation of commercial services and the protection of personal
privacy. For this assignment you are required identify and use published academic as well as practitioner, policy
and news sources. The examples used should be the result of your own research and be based on
case studies or other published material you have identified. These examples need to be critically
discussed by interpreting/analysing them with models, theories or concepts that were covered in the
lectures and tutorials. A good assignment will explore a small number of examples in depth, comparing
and contrasting different perspectives on the issue you are writing on. A good assignment will also
explain how you searched for examples and why you chose particular sources for inclusion in your
essay, while excluding others. Simply presenting material from your search, without explaining why you
believe it is relevant and how it helps to illustrate theoretical content covered in the module, is unlikely
to contribute to a good grade. Make sure you have a concluding paragraph in which you tell us what
your position is in relation to the issue you have explored. More generally:
The title for the assignment should make it clear whether you are· writing on topic A or B.
The essay and reflection part of this assignment should be clearly· identified and be separate
from the main essay.
You are expected to refer to 15 – 25 published sources, in addition to· the three articles given to
you in the learning set pack and the core text book. These references must conform to the
CASE Harvard Referencing guidelines. The reference list is excluded from the word count.
You are expected to explicitly draw on two or three of the six main· topics that were covered in
this module (globalisation, organisational culture, innovation and change, diversity, ethics and

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