• March 16th, 2016

Research Reports and Design Proposals

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This Research Reports and Design Proposals need to done in next 2 months by separately. This assessment have 5 different due days for writer.

Assessment 1 literature review due to 21/03/2016 (10 references)
Assessment 2 research design and methods due to 11/04/2016
Assessment 3 research ethics quiz due to 18/04/2016 (quiz will be upload latter, you can check the reading first.)
Assessment 4 preliminary data analysis due to 21/03/2016
[Final] Assessment 5 research report and design proposal due to 21/03/2016
This research report and proposal will need some illustrator and indesign technical.

Research issue is How to use something technical on the harm of indoor cooking fumes and how to vent them?

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