• April 24th, 2016

Research report

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“Terrorism is an enigmatic and compelling phenomenon, and its relationship with tourism is complex and multifaceted”. (Mc.A.Baker, 2014:58)

In a research report, discuss this statement providing real life examples. Explain the relationship between
international tourism and terrorism, including economic and socio‐cultural links. In addition, predict what
impact this contemporary issue of terrorism may have on future international tourism. Reference should
also be made to a range of other sources such as books, journal articles and newspaper articles.

The list of references should contain at least six (6) references to sources of information, mainly university standard sources such as text books and journal articles, with less industry sources such as industry magazines, web sites and/or newspaper articles. Any tables or figures should be included in an Appendix but must be referred to in the body of the work

– Correct Report format, including abstract/executive summary
– Provide a definition of international tourism
– Define terrorism.
– Discuss the link between terrorism and international tourism.
– Discuss the impact of terrorism on tourism economic factors
– Discuss the impact of terrorism on tourism socio‐cultural factors
– Effective use of real life examples to demonstrate your understanding.
– Predict what impact these issues, may have on international tourism over the next 10 years.
– Provided a coherent discussion throughout.

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