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Research proposal including A review of the relevant literature

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Please just follow the following protocol to do assignment on Research proposal.As the assignment is for master level student so hope all the components and marking criteria should be followed.Please follow the attachment to complete the assignment with proper Harvard referencing.

Note in the second part of this assignment i.e Literature review their should be minimum 8-10 article in which Min 4 should be recent article i.e of 2014. (full way is mention on the attachment file name on doing Lit review. This is main component as is carry more marks and more words.

assessment is as follows:

discuss if the problem can be addressed from a positivism or relativism (interpretivist) approach, discuss the ethical challenges involved in each paradigm, then choose an appropriate method based on the philosophical paradigm of the research and design a research.

Note that, positivism promotes singularity of reality and objectivity of knowledge while interpretivist advocates subjectivity and plurality of reality. So the former is used for quantitative and the latter for qualitative designs.


Develop a research proposal. Your proposal should have a clear and complete structure with the following components:

Background or introduction to the issue (500-750 words): 30 marks

A brief problem statement

A set of objectives

A set of research questions

A review of the relevant literature (2000-2500 words): 40 marks (please follow the instruction mention in next attachment file )

Definition of key concepts

Synthesis and relation of them with respect to the problem at hand

Research design and conduct (500-750 words): 30 marks

Choice of methodology

development and choice of research instruments

Sampling scheme and sample size

Data collection approach

Choice of analytic method

Limitations of the research

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