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Research Project

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Introduction and background notes (vocational context)
Consider yourself as a final year senior health and social care student. Your academic supervisor has instructed you to undertake a 4-part research project related to a specific issue of health and social care practice in your chosen health and social care setting. You are required to fulfil four tasks in a research report format and also make a brief presentation. The assignment requires you to identify a specific problem or issue in health and social care such as: poor quality care in residential homes and its impact on service users; safeguarding service users in health and social care, homelessness and its impact on health and social care; services for those recovering from disability; legislation and its impact on service users; social policy changes for elderly people in residential care, public perception of FGM and the stigma behind the way that these are dealt with; barriers in health and social care and ways forward for inter-professional collaboration; government strategies in health promotion; asylum seekers and its impact on health and social care. The Unit addresses the elements that make up formal research including the proposal, literature review, a variety of research methodologies, action planning, ethical consideration, carrying out the research itself and presenting the findings.
To successfully complete the unit, you will be required to identify a specific problem or issue related to your chosen health and social care topic and write a Research Proposal outlining the issues as a problem statement leading to identifying the Research Objectives (and/or hypotheses, if any) necessary to address your research question. Your research proposal will need to include review of relevant literature that supports and justifies your research objectives. The aim of the Research Project is to plan, collect and analyse relevant data related to the problem identified using appropriate sources (primary and secondary) before presenting the findings in a research report and brief presentation. Learners should seek approval from their tutors before starting their research project

What you must do
Task 1: LO1 Understand how to formulate a research specification
Task 1A: Based upon the specific health and social care issue identified in health and social care formulate a Research Proposal, outlining the specific objectives (and or hypotheses) that need to be addressed to answer the research question. You should also identify the factors that contribute to the process of research project selection
Your research project outline should include the following:

Research Title: To Explore Sickle Cell Anemia population in the UK

Research Aims: I am going to investigate the high incidence of sickle cell anaemia, in African and Caribbean population in the UK.

Research Objectives:
1. To examine the causes of sickle cell anaemia
2. To evaluate the incidence rate
3. To explore what treatments are given
4. To evaluate the impact on NHS and family members

Research Project description: (brief overview of nature of project) should provide the rationale of doing the project, including the definition of key concepts and theories, background to the research problem.

Literature Review: (critical review of key references) – Identify Relevant Literature related to your chosen topic and undertake a critical review of key references, including appropriate theories and concepts. Ensure the validity of results has been evaluated using defined criteria when undertaking a critical review of the literature.

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