• October 10th, 2017

Research Performance Management In Public Or Non-Profit

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Research Performance Management in public or non-profit (Human Resources). Identify best practices such as balance scorecard, and benchmarking performance.

Prepare an essay of 10 to 12-pages describing what you think are the most important abilities and characteristics about employee performance.

a. Is there a standard performance appraisal that is used to evaluate every employee, including top management? If not, what are the different types of appraisals used in your company? What is the purpose of your performance appraisals? What would you say are the five most important attributes that are evaluated by the appraisals? Why are they so important?
b. How are the performances appraisals stored and maintained? How long do you keep an individual’s record? Who has access to the performance appraisals? How is confidentiality maintained?
c. What is included in the compensation and benefits package? Are all employees offered the same package? If not, how can they differ? How much of the payroll budget is allocated to benefits? Is insurance included as part of the package? If so, what part does the company pay and what part is the responsibility of the employee?
d. Do you have any bonus or incentive programs? If so, what type and how important are they to getting work completed? If not, why do you think that bonuses are not needed?
e. For employees that work in teams, are their performance appraisals different from employees that work individually? If so, how do the appraisals differ? If not individually, are team evaluations conducted?

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