• May 30th, 2015

Research Paper

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This research paper based on the research proposal, I will upload later.

Also, there are some comment the tutor had give, i will upload as well in order to have a better work!

Simply put, this is an individual, written, research “essay-in-lieu-of-exam”, based on your research. You should draw on your research proposal, your individual and group work in classes and, of course, mostly your individual research. Please note that this is largely (guided) self-directed research. So the criteria are somewhat flexible, depending on your topic.

Criteria for this Assignment
1. Your demonstrated engagement with the materials/readings/explorations for the course.

2. Your research into the topic, and your links between the specifics involved and more general issues.

3. Your critical thinking through of the issues involved and careful response to them. Note here that “critical thinking” is not just (or even) saying “what’s wrong” with something. “Critical” is much misunderstood as a term. In this course, “critical thinking” means that you need to explore what actually works or what’s valuable in the ideas you’re engaged with, as well as what doesn’t work. You need to ask where the ideas could go further, where their limits are (the point at which such ideas cease to be useful), or how they could be modified to be more useful, etc.

4. Your synthesis (bringing together) of the ideas, practices and issues you’re dealing with in that week into a satisfactory form of expression.

5. There is no “right” number of references. You should have done appropriate research, demonstrate your work from the course as a whole, and, just as importantly, have done some careful critical thinking, as above.


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