• April 15th, 2016

Research paper: 4 options

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need 6 pages on Popular fiction vs Highbrow literature ,choosing one of mentioned stories : Pauls Case/ Hunted house /The storm / etc, following all the criteria and on one of proposed 4 options by April 28
Author Based Paper
Is there a writer you wish we would have studied this semester but feel was neglected? Is there one you feel is pampered, over-taught, and wish students would never have to study again? Make a case for their inclusion/exclusion in literature courses. Be sure to be objective and not let your personal opinions get in the way. This should be about the literary merits (use the vocabulary we learned regarding the different genres of writing and their elements).

Pop Culture Based Paper
Is there a piece of literature we have addressed this semester that shares subject matter/themes with something more modern? What modern pop culture (song, movie, show, book, musical, etc) best represents that story/poem/play or best represents a particular character from said story/poem/plan? Why?

Literature Based Comparison Paper
Choose two pieces of literature we have read that address similar themes. Which is more realistic, modern, or timeless in portraying the subject matter. Why do you say so?

Sociology Based Paper
Which is more important, individual interest or the interest of the whole (the collective)? Select literature from this semester that highlights these themes and discuss which is more important and why.

What If Based Paper
What if it weren’t fiction? There are many fictional stories that presented ideas that seemed crazy at the time but have actually come to be part of our everyday society, whether it be fashion, gadgets/technology, trends, or behaviors. Select a piece of literature and discuss what would happen if it weren’t fiction. How would it affect society today?

Popular Fiction vs Highbrow Literature
What role does popular fiction play in today’s literature world? Can the study of popular culture and popular fiction be as valuable as the study of traditional literary and historical subjects? Select a piece of literature we have looked at this semester that has ties to a more popular culture item (in terms of theme/storyline/characterization) and discuss which is better and why. It needs to go beyond your personal opinion and be based on literary merits.

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