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Research methods

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This exercise is worth 5% of the total marks available for this module. It is one of a series of four exercises that take place through the term, the total value of which is 20% of the module marks. The remaining 80% is assessed through an unseen examination.
The purpose of this exercise is to help you learn about how to use qualitative data collection methods in practical situations.
A large consultancy firm has noticed that they are being asked by a lot of their clients to evaluate the success of their management development policies. You have been asked by them to advise on the design of an interview schedule that can be used in client organisations with employees to evaluate how well their management development policies are working and identify any problem areas. The interview schedule needs to be suitable for use in a wide range of different types of organisations and for a range of different employees, and should be able to be completed within half-an-hour.
Complete the table below, answering each question. Your answer should not exceed 500 words. You can write in bullet points so long as your meaning is clear.
Where to go for help
Look at the relevant chapters in either of the two textbooks and consult the Study Direct site.

Coursework Marking Guidelines
Exercise 2 – 5% of mark
High marks will be awarded to those who fully complete the table and provide appropriate responses to the questions drawing on material from the workshops and the textbooks. Answers will lose marks if they are incorrect, do not focus on answering the questions, or lack important detail.

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