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Research methods

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Assignment Task:

You are required to produce a research proposal for a dissertation in a management related field. The proposal prepared may be the one which you follow for your dissertation but this is not essential. If you eventually choose another topic for your dissertation you will have to go through a similar process as that required for this assessment on that topic. It would therefore be sensible to think carefully about the topic choice and decide now what your dissertation will be about. For those on an MBA named route the eventual dissertation must relate to that route.
Your answer should include the detail below.

The format should broadly follow the plan provided below. Diagrams and charts may be added to clarify and illustrate points.
Research Questions & Objectives
Explanation of the problem/issue and justify why it is important, both from an organisational and a personal perspective, and a series of precisely written objectives, to include observable outcomes, that flow from this.
Literature review
Demonstrate knowledge of relevant literature by identifying key debates: concepts and theories within the topic area and how the literature will be utilised to inform your research.
Explanation of fundamental issues in methodology followed by a full description of the methodological approach to be adopted. This and your data collection methods should be justified and you should explore issues of validity, reliability and generalisability of the research proposal and make reference to ethical issues. You should also discuss relevant practical issues relating to the research to be undertaken e.g. organisational consent and timescales.

2. Research question:
How does a change in the technology will impact on the transportation’s quality of services and products?

2.1 Research objectives:
1. Identify the specific changes related to the new mobile phone technology in the transport industry.
2. Measure the impact of those technology changes with the current services and products.
3. Assessment of the approaches in measuring the quality of services towards achieving the objectives.
4. Provide a strategy to overcome the impact on the current services and the products.
5. Draw a plan on how long it takes to achieve the goal to measure the impact of the new technology on the service quality.

Research proposal should be focused on UK region transportation only.

Literature review must be 1000 words
Methodology must be used 1200 words

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