• April 4th, 2016

Research Methodology

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Initially a clearly defined set of research aims and objectives will be defined. These will then be critically discussed and evaluated in terms of both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, approaches and strategies.
Appropriate methodologies and strategies will then be applied to the development of a detailed Research Plan. The Research Plan will then be critically evaluated in terms of perceived effectiveness, and likely areas of strength and weakness in terms of the approaches taken if this Research Plan were to be pursued. Chosen methodologies will need to be justified.
(Pls include beautiful diagrams to illustrate the work)
The topic i have chosen for the research method is Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). In this assignment you will be critically evaluating current research philosophies appropriate to the design of a research methodology within Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). You will be evaluating both quantitative and qualitative techniques that can be used to best present research data synonymous and appropriately to ITS.
You will then be making recommendations on what you believe to be the most appropriate methodologies to use in the proposed research and justifying those recommendations, by way of example. This will then lead into the development of a Research Plan.

The essay should critically evaluate the different available research philosophies and approaches, which may be utilized when designing a research methodology within the subject area (ITS), and appropriate to your own personal research objectives.

Having identified the main contributory research methodologies (quantitative, qualitative and/or mixed method) that you feel would be most appropriate for your own area of research you then need to expand out on how you believe they could be applied in practice in your research field.
Finally you should briefly and critically discuss your Research Plan and its perceived effectiveness, in your eyes.

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