• April 7th, 2016

Research expository essay on smart phones

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are new technologies over-welling your life of the lives of people you know? 5 pages plus work cited page MLA 5 Sources I have already started it. PLEASE HELP ME Directions below—->>>> Topic for the Researched Expository Essay Are media and new technologies overwhelming your life or the lives of people you know? In our second essay, we’ll consider how such things as television, movies, and other media influence us and the people around us. Also, we’ll think about the newest kinds of communication and other technologies and consider how they change the way people act. Although you’ll use research for this essay and you won’t use your own experience for your evidence, you might consider how media or new technologies that you choose to write about affect people like you or people in our area. As you choose your topic, remember that this is an expository essay, so you should use one of the rhetorical patterns I described for the Personal Expository Essay (definition, comparison, cause and effect, or classification). Your evidence will come from at least five sources such as books, magazines, journals, and even the Internet. The essay will be 4-5 pages and will be written in MLA style with an additional page(s) of works cited. Although your primary purpose is not to persuade, you will probably make a more provocative claim in your thesis sentence than you did for the first essay.

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