• April 18th, 2016

RESEARCH ESSAY- Privatisation- risk, fear and insecurity.

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Discuss how the process of privatisation can be seen as related to risk, fear and insecurity using the example of the growth of the private security industry.

>Please keep the essay concise and to the point- engage with theory
> If you could please use examples within the Australian context, as well as international examples.

Here are some additional references that you can refer to:
Loader, I 2000, ‘Plural policing and democratic governance’, Social & Legal Studies, vol. 9, pp. 323-45.

Pratt, J 2008, ‘Penal populism and the contemporary role of punishment’, in T Anthony & C Cunneen (eds), The critical criminology companion, Hawkins Press, Leichhardt, Australia, pp. 265-76.

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