• April 7th, 2016

Research essay

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Compose a research essay in response to the following question;

Analyze the different temporalities of television as it moves from broadcast modes of distribution to on demand services like Netflix, Stan, etc. What does your analysis suggest about how television is changing as a “service” and in its relationship to public life?

You will need to research your answer by locating at least four other recent research articles from academic journals and books that are relevant to understanding the issues that implicated by the question. These sources should come from outside the course readings and be a product of your own research on the topic. By “recent”, we mean they are published from 2010 onwards.

Assessment Criteria for Research Essay

1.Ability to identify appropriate concepts for analysis and to propose the meanings and significance of these tools.
2.Ability to identify appropriate research for analysis and to understand how it contributes to the conceptual understanding of media.
3.Ability to use theoretical tools and concepts effectively and rigorously as well as explore their significance to understanding the relationship between media and everyday life.

4.Ability to write a clear, engaging piece of analysis that addresses the relationship between media and everyday life.
5.Demonstrate command of relevant scholarly literature and reference this using the HARVARD referencing guidelines.

Graduate Attributes

1.Research skills, including scholarly use of archive and online resources;

2.Critical and creative thinking;
3.Familiarity with the theories and methods of research and explanation that constitute the discipline of Media;
4.In depth knowledge and conceptual understanding of the discipline of Media.

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