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Research and development (business) | UK US Essays
  • March 5th, 2016

Research and development (business)

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

1a) Evaluate two approaches to self managed learning.

1b) Write about two ways in which lifelong learning could be encouraged

1c) Using an organisation you’re familiar with, evaluate how the opportunities available for self-managed learning can benefit both employees and the organisation

Sum all three questions up in a combined total of around 1,200 words

2a) Complete a Skills Audit and evaluate your present skills levels

2b) Complete a Personal Development Plan and identify those skills you wish to develop in the future over the course of the throughout future training in business.

In your plan, provide details about how you propose to develop your skills. Identify training, learning activities and resources required to meet your objectives and record the new level of skills you wish to achieve

In question 2, try to complete the questions using around 1,800 words!

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