• March 7th, 2016

Research and Critically Analyse the effectiveness of home telemonitoring (assistive technology) in patients with COPD by examining the benefits and drawbacks of the system.

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

The main focus of this paper is CRITICAL ANALYSIS. I have included some guidance from our module below.
Module learning outcomes

• The learning outcomes begin with knowing how to find and use research and other resources so that you can appraise practice and services based on factual information and credible evidence. The information you use should be at the forefront of knowledge in your field.
• You should be able to acknowledge the drawbacks to your ideas and anticipate counterarguments.
• To understand current systems and practice you need to know how they have developed. In other words you need to know the background and history of the systems and contexts within which you work. Then you will understand the political, economic, philosophical and social drivers for the way the system is and the behaviours in people you observe. To understand the context and the philosophy of the context you work in, it’s useful to understand the type of knowledge that is respected within that context. Therefore the subject of evidence and what constitutes evidence for practice, is a part of the module.
• The most influential tool for initiating change or keeping situations the same is leadership, which explains why leadership is part of the module. Similarly, education is a crucial influence on changing practice, making professional development an essential consideration in enhancing services.
• To be a critical practitioner, self-awareness is an essential attribute so that being able to reflect on what you or others are doing, or on what you are reading and learning, and applying this to real services is an important attribute. In today’s health service enhancing services has to encompass cultural and spiritual awareness; an understanding of clinical effectiveness

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