• April 3rd, 2016


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write about migration of Chinese labor from rural to urban. ( argument research paper )
so need background, reason, hukou system, what effect on rural Chinese labor and their wife,kids left behind in rural , why they don’t bring their kid with them and urban areas should improved services to accept large number immigration labor with their family in order to satisify with labor and don’t have labor shortage ( from economy way).
recommendation. need to have graph at least one or two

simple notes;
Chinese people migrate from rural area to urban . to have job and better life, but the government reform hukou system in order regulate the population movement . therefore, still people migrate from rural to urban since their chance of high income in urban much better than their original place. migrant people have not enjoyed the same benefit as city resident such as health care, pension social welfare .moreover their kids will have problem in order access the education system in the city. Therefore, million of migrant kids left with their grandparent and that cause lot of problem to the kids and parent.

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