• April 27th, 2016

Research 3

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

1) Pick another theoretical position and re-analyze your crime using this. As before, Use a specific theory.


2) Writing your paper:

  1. A) In the introduction, briefly summarize the work you have done in Research Two.
  2. B) In the body of the paper, analyze the criminal activities as you did before but using your new choice of theory.
  3. C) As you did before, discuss where your analysis using this particular theory aids in understanding the overall picture of this type of crime, and where it does not. Where and what are the weaknesses of this particular theory in lending understanding to the crimes?
  4. D) Now, compare the strengths and weaknesses of these two theoretical positions when trying to understand the crime type with which you have been working.
  5. a) Which theory seems stronger? Stronger in what areas? Why?
  6. b) What is still left unexplained by both theories?
  7. E) Use as many reference sources as needed to produce a scholarly analytical work.

F ) In the conclusion, re-read the short section in Jones, “And Finally….,” and respond to the difficulties of creating criminological theories that can be used to make a real difference in how our society is structured and the policies that are put in place to deal with crime.


3) Submittals: there is no discussion posting, no critique and no rewrite for Research Three.

  1. A) Submit your work as a file upload to the Canvas module site, “Research Three.”


4) Requirements for formatting, citations, bibliographies:

  1. A) This work should be double spaced, 5 – 6 pages long, using the DAAC style formatting guide. The link is included right under the “Research One” Canvas module.
  2. B) A bibliography, not including Wiki sites, is expected.

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