• May 2nd, 2015

Requiem Research Project

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ASSIGNMENT: Write a 3-5 page (minimum, double-spaced) paper, comparing and contrasting Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s setting (another term might be “version” — how he put that particular text to music) of the “Dies irae” movement of the Requiem Mass with Giuseppe Verdi’s setting of the same text (see below for directions for accessing these pieces — you’ll want to listen to each movement several times as you get familiar enough with each one to make comparisons) from their Requiem Masses, using resources other than our textbook (Music: An Appreciation — I will check this, so do not use that book). Include citations for the resources you use (see Writing Across the Curriculum, available at the bookstore, for format suggestions (and DO NOT use Wikipedia). Spelling and grammar do count for this paper. Please, no graphics for this assignment, just text — this is a formal research paper.

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