• April 19th, 2016

Report on the similarities and differences between transnational organised crime and transnational corporate crime. Identify any links between those two seemingly different types of criminality.

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This needs to be done in case study report format.
The area to be looked at should be drugs which are legal and illegal, so for organised crime things illegal drugs and what is done in the process such as drug smuggling, exporting, importing, selling and buying. The same will be done for corporate crime but it will be done with prescription drugs so from the formulation of the new drug to testing, sampling, selling, drug trials, getting it onto the market.
Organised crime examples are most likely to be drug cartels such as the mafia, yakuza, triads, cosa nostra.
Corporate crime examples will be pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Bial but more importantly will be the Big Pharma which are the pharmaceutical companies who have been found to commit malpractice.
Pharmaceutical companies care about the entire process from when made all the way to the end user as they need positive feedback throughout for their drug for it to be successful. Organised criminals only care about when their drug is manufactured and exported. Once gone it doesn’t matter as for it to reach the end user it is not in their interest. Can a graph of two circles be made with the middle overlapping to show the similarity in the process.
There are many issues which need to be looked into with the help of relevant case studies used to establish points made.
The transnational corporate crime where pharmaceutical companies are discussed, there are several issues such as the main one which is
• negligence where there have been countless case studies whereby these companies have not done enough to care for their users of their drug.
• price fixing-fixing prices so not all of the public can afford them.
• Selling dangerous drugs
• Fraudulent drug trials.
With transnational organised crime there are many issues that can be looked into as the whole process is illegal and not just certain parts of this. Most issues are highlighted above. Also other parts of the process needs to be looked into.
Pharma companies may give doctors freebies and maybe even bribes to make their drug favourable over others. Why do doctors prescribe certain drugs over others?
Organised crime would have informal violent security as they do not have the protection that corporate crime do as pharmaceutical companies have the government, the police and if needed lawyers if they are sued.
In terms of similarities the big one is corruption which exist for both. There are other similarities which need to be researched.

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