• March 27th, 2016

Report for Analysis of Copper Oxalate Hydrate

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Title page

PROCEDURE: 3rd person past tense account of the actual procedure that you performed and any pertinent observations… NO PRONOUNS & DON’T COPY THE MANUAL … (either the % copper OR the % oxalate) NOT both procedures

DATA: all data is contained on the lab printout…use this page as your data section – REMEMBER TO PUT THIS PAGE IN ITS PROPER PLACE

CALCULATIONS: Show ALL calculations of the 3 percentages and the 3 mole ratios – show all equations used and show worked out answers with labels, units & sig figs for ALL the calculations

DISCUSSION: as usual, state results (percentages, mole ratios and empirical formula), compare to all expected values and comment and discuss sources of experimental error

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