• April 25th, 2016


Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Brand Name: Nine by Savannah Miller
Market Position and Target Customer.
Who is the core Nine by Savannah Miller consumer, how does she differ from other Debenhams consumers? Is she coming in store to buy or arriving on the mat by default?
What is she looking to buy in to at Nine? what does she expect from the collection?
What is her price sensitivity? Where else does she shop? Positioning grid. Your research will unlock her buying behaviours and her consumer profile.
What constitutes the Brand DNA? what aspects of the Brand resonate with consumers? How does the Primrose Hill effect manifest itself currently?
Where does she take her fashion references from? Is she active on Social media? Does she buy on-line?
What are her attitudes to refreshing her wardrobe? Is she interested in Colour in her wardrobe? How does she buy in to colour / print / muted / monochrome? What does newness mean to her?
What do they think about the quality offered? Pricing?
What does the consumer like/dislike about the collection? What is missing?
What fashion trends should the brand have embraced for S/S16? Make sure these are relevant to the consumer.
What are the critical factors of improvement across product & price to stimulate growth of the brand at Debenhams?

To identify any gaps or weakness.
What are the opportunities?
Define a potential USP.

Sales Plan
S/S 16 sales plan. What plan would you present for 12 styles, on 8 weeks sale from 29th February 2016 with a turnover of 700,000 in 72 stores, including on-line.

Buy Plan
How would you plan the category mix? Give reasons for your amendments to current category mix.
What would be your total options for the season?
Current S/S category mix breakdown (see below)
Target gross margin 69%
72 stores-
1 x internet
57 x Top Store
12 x Mid Store
2 x Bottom store

Merchandising Reports & Analysis
Propose a product category mix and justification if differs / change from above
12 weeks sales forecast, show depth and width of range and intake margin.
Planned stock based on 4 weeks cover
WSSI showing 2 weeks mark down weeks 9 &10.
75% full price sales
2% terminal stock
asp = 40

report structure:
1.Executive Summary-1Page
2.Summary Introduction to Debenhams, the Brand and Brief and report objectives
3. Research Methodology, Secondary sources / Primary sources / Research Limitations
4. Research Findings and Analysis
-By research method, to identify the consumer / competitors / market position
-Consumer profile+ visual, pen portrait positioning grid, pricing matrix / Brand Profile
-Provide a summary of trends SS16 + Trend Board / Colour Board / Shape Board
-Review of current SS16 range, category mix
-Review of Primrose Hill Zeitgeist and London look – consumer behaviour / Lifestyle and how the Nine consumer shops, reference points, what she looks for from the brand and where else she shops
5. SWOT analysis to identify market gap
6. Conclusions
7. Overall Conclusions

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