• April 26th, 2016

Replication Study of Pro-Poor Progress in Education in Developing Countries

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This is a replication study assignmen of a Development Economics course. Here are the requirements from the syllabus. “For the replication study, the student has to identify a paper in the field of inequality measurement for which the data is available online and replicate the empirical investigation of the paper. The assignment consists in cleaning the data set and in applying the data restrictions as specified in the paper so as to replicate the results of the paper. Depending on the complexity of the paper you choose, the replication study requirements may vary. The student should send by email the results of the replication study, the Stata do file AND the data set. The student should write a literature review and a research proposal. The idea is to extend the paper

chosen for the replication study and frame this extension into the economics literature. I strongly suggest that the extension takes the form of applying the same methodology to another country. The student has to identify a country for which a data set is available. In the research proposal, the student has to explain why there is a scientific interest in applying the methodology to this other country.”

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