• April 25th, 2016

Rene Descartes' Meditiations

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

In organizing the body of your essay, please use the following steps:
a) Discuss the historical context in which the author is writing your chosen text. Use the UWS text to fill in the details if the historical context for the author was not lectured on in class
b) Identify a theme, topic, or issue in the chosen text, your initial viewpoint or preconception concerning that same theme, topic, or issue, and, lastly, your reasons for holding your initial viewpoint or preconception.
c) Analyze the various ways in which your chosen text has changed or challenged this viewpoint.
d) Explain your current viewpoint after reading the text.
e) Give reasons that justify your current viewpoint.
f) Explain why this issue is significant to your thinking and/or values.

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