• March 19th, 2016

Religious Site Visit

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Task: Write a short response paper (minimum 3 pages) which profiles a religious place, organization, or specific activity for either Hinduism or Buddhism. However, whichever this is, you have to physically visit the place, organization, or activity because you will need to witness it and interview a real person and include this dialogue in your paper. This paper should either introduce something most readers would know little about, or it should present a new perspective on something already familiar to your readers. A good paper may entertain, shock, or fascinate your readers, as well as present them with surprising and interesting information. But the larger appeal of your paper is to allow readers to explore a real subject or experience.

Please note that the site visit must an “actual,” not “virtual,” visit.For example, you need to go to a Buddhist Temple and interview someone there (monk, parishioner, etc).

Your paper must include the following:

1. Observations of the visit, including a description and your reflections on what you observe

2. Dialogue from one interview of a REAL person

3. Statistics/facts/information from one source (accessed through the library’s electronic databases, print sources, or the internet) that provides more information about your subject or something related to your subject

4. Your perspective of the subject based on your observations, interview, and information

5. Pictures from your visit

You will need to submit your paper AND an Information Gathering Log. The IGL is a tool that you will use to plan and record the time needed to make your observations, execute your interviews, and research sources. The following is a sample IGL:

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