• April 6th, 2016


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Write a 1600 word critical analysis of one (1) of the following biblical passages in accordance with the ‘Guidelines on Critical Analysis’ contained in the Resources section of the LEO site for this unit.
Gen 3:1–24; Gen 9:1–17; Exod 12:1–28; Deut 17:14–20; Psalm 22; Ezek 1:1–28
Acts 7:1–53; John 1:19–34

Purpose: Assessment Task 2 tests the student’s capacity to apply to a selected biblical text what they have learnt of the methods and principles of critical interpretation discussed to date.
Learning outcomes assessed: Use a variety of resources, including relevant digital resources, to articulate the main features of the historical, geographical, social, and cultural contexts of biblical literature.
Describe and apply source criticism and historical criticism to a reading of the Bible, interpreting the text skilfully and meaningfully for contemporary readers.

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