• April 30th, 2018

Reliability and validity of assessing either Concussion

Choose one of the topics below. Either Topic 1 or Topic 2. You may work in groups but no more than 3 into a group.
Topic 1-Write a paper about the reliability and validity of assessing either Concussion (Post Concussional Syndrome) or Traumatic brain injury (TBI) victims due to accidents (head injuries, falling, vehicle accidents, struck by sharp objects, or the like).
Topic 2-Write about how to defend your results and report when presenting your data and information to the public (to parents, courts, attorneys, school staff, and so on). How would you defend the results, reliability, validity, and the work you did on a student, a client, or a patient? Many reports and articles been published about this topic. Cite and reference articles of your choice.
Write a 5-10page paper (a maximum of 10 pages- no more than 10 pages) including cover page and reference page about the validity and reliability of assessing TBIs or Concussions by professionals.
Your Final Project will contain the following sections:
Introduction to the topic (Note: in APA style, the Introduction does not get a separate heading)
⦁ Identifying Information: A summary and background.
⦁ Assessment &Diagnosis: How a problem is assessed. What instruments are used to assess (testing of TBIs and concussions; or other testing you may have done). How reliable and valid are those testing/assessments.
⦁ Treatment: Report the recommended treatments for the disorder and evaluate the individual’s prognosis for improvement.
⦁ Legal and Ethical Considerations: Comment on any legal or ethical concerns in the diagnosis and treatment of this individual, or about the case you have wrote about.

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