• March 31st, 2016

Reflective Report

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What make you effective manager?

Reflect and consider the theory in practice.


Scenario: hospitality background since 5and half years but working part time as beautician in nail shop

found scope of growing nail business in Edinburgh, thought of doing own small business as beauty is always been an interest. at a same time doing MBA, thus left hotel job and stick with nail shop. start learning to do nails, acrylic, gel, art design. did training for nail technician and passed with excellence. got promoted as manager in nail shop. start doing research on other nail businesses in and around Edinburgh, marketing.

After completion of nail course started mobile service for nails and beauty. created facebook page for advertisement.

By the end of the course, might join hospitality industry again but take a nail business as extra earning. still need more practice on nail job before opening own business.



Executive summary- 1 page

  1. Introduction(2-3 paragraph)- where are you, your goals, and personal learning

what do you want to do, why the activity is helping you

  1. Application of theory (one of them)
  2. I) Management theory- (Rensis Likert, Charismatic Leadership, situational leadership, motivation, theory Xand Y)
  3. ii) Theory of reflective learning (Kolb’s, Rolfe, Gibb’s Schoen’s)

What is the theory and why it is used for above scenario

  1. conclusion- what you did, How it reflected, what you learned, how you see taking towards future

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