• April 6th, 2016

Reflective Blog on being a nurse educator and giving feedback to the students

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Begin by reviewing the web sites addressing Authentic Assessment and Feed Forward.
• A Toolbox for Enhancing Student Feedback
• Formative Assessment: Using Feedback to Feed Forward
• Authentic Assessment Toolbox
• What is Authentic Assessment?
Then reflect on the kind of nurse educator you wish to be in terms of the feedback you will provide to your learners. How will you provide authentic assessment? What does “Feed Forward” mean to you and how will you provide this kind of feedback? Consider the feedback you provided your classmate on their unit of instruction. How did peer-review make you feel? Was it easy or difficult to provide constructive criticism? Reflect on how these activities will help you in your future career.
Feel free to demonstrate your vision of Authentic Assessment through a meaningful graphic (picture or model), drawing, or poem and provide links to a meaningful web resource and or embed a relevant video demonstrating the use of technology in providing feedback to students

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