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HRM 3120 Leading Change Assessment Briefing 3 of 3:
The Reflective Diary and Summative Reflection (HRM3120 Leading change Middlesex University)
The third component is:
Submission of your weekly reflections PLUS a summative reflective review on these accounts (35%) (1,000 words) This will address Learning Outcomes 4 and 5 below:
4. Critically reflect on their past career/life lines and transferable skills to show how their past experiences impact on their understanding of leadership and change

5. Use reflective and reflexive tools for improving reasoning and analytical/evaluative abilities as a leader of change

Students are expected to use the reflective toolkit and module handbook to reflect on the weekly sessions. This assessment will therefore cover all sessions. At the end of the module students are asked to submit these reflections with a 1000 word critically reflective summary of what their responses to the module experiences say about their readiness to become leaders of change. They are expected to use examples from their weekly reflections to evidence their academic and personal growth and therefore must submit all the weekly reflections alongside the reflective summary. Formative feedback is provided on progress if students present their reflections during one to one tutorials. If students are absent they will be expected not only to make up the work covered in the session but also to reflect in the diary on the consequences of not being in class. We expect to see a reflection piece for each week of the module’s run.

Your reflection should be in essay format and focus on your academic and personal growth and how this contributes to your ability to lead change. To be successful you need to be able to attribute this growth to your experiences and participation in HRM3120. The easiest way to do this is to use relevant examples from your weekly reflections and make clear connections to any changes in your world outside of university to write your essay. Refer to the marking rubric as you include the following in your summative reflective essay.
You should aim:
• to introduce yourself and explain the impact that your experiences and participation has had on growth as a leader of change over the course of the module.
• To state what have you learned about yourself as a result of your learning experiences
• Identify which of your weekly reflections illustrate this growth and change
• Explain any changes in your view about your readiness to lead change
• Explain how any skills gained will be used for future success in your life and what you will do to strengthen any you feel are underdeveloped. Please be specific.
• Integrate relevant theory throughout

A key point to stress is that we are looking to identify the quality and depth of thinking and discussion, and the relevance/significance of your reading firstly to your personal leadership style and secondly to your role in leading change in an organisation in the future (the ‘so what this means or tells me is ..’). Large extract from your diaries and large quantities of superficially-considered material is not what we are seeking. The 1000 word guideline requires you to exercise judgement and evaluation of what you connect and how you make sense of your accounts and articulate the relevance to the Learning Outcomes.

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