• April 26th, 2016

Referring to a minimum of five different works on the reading list for this course, summarize what you have learned about the culturally diverse nature of the early Americans as demonstrated in this literature.

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Responding to the topic below, write a solid, coherent 750 – 1000 word essay following MLA

guidelines for in-text citations and a Works Cited entry. Search all of the authors we have covered

in this unit, collecting as many examples as possible relevant to the topic. From the examples,

formulate a thesis which you state clearly in the introduction to the essay. The ideas in this essay

should be well supported with examples from our text. Students should use the textbook and

course notes to write this essay. Do not, however, borrow more than four words in a row without

citing your source (textbook or website provided). The use of sources outside of our textbook or

course notes will be penalized. Plagiarized papers will receive a zero and be reported to the

Dean of Student Services.

Essay must contain

  • Seven direct quotations from works which have been studied in this course
  • Quotations from a minimum of five different authors whose works we have studied
  • Appropriate MLA format for spacing, Works Cited, and in-text citations

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