• April 23rd, 2016

Real Estate Finance: “Follow the Money in Real Estate” Reading report

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Read the information that is provided in the other file and answer ALL of the following three questions in your report.


Imagine you’re going to give a presentation to an audience based on the pictures. (Note: You may OR may not need to specify your target audience.)

1) A lot of information and a lot of conclusions can be drawn from the pictures. What do you consider the five most important conclusions? Make sure that in your answer you explain clearly to the target audience of your conclusion and specifically deal with his/her/their enquiry/doubt(s).


2) What do you personally consider the two most surprising/shocking data/conclusion? (2 separate points)


[Note: This does NOT necessarily have to be one of the conclusions you discussed under question 1,

but it can also be one of those in question 1 if you wish.]


3) Is there something that you personally consider worrisome? Explain.

(at least 2 points)

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