• July 25th, 2016

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For this assignment, you will write an extended definition of the term ethical. Your definition should be 1500 words long and as concrete as it can possibly be. You can, for example, discuss the changes in the word’s meaning over the years as you became older and wiser. You could relate how these changes in the definition of the term came to be. You could also focus on what you believe the term means today and use exemplification to support this definition. You can also pick different contexts to which the term applies and define what it means to be ethical in such a context. Your primary means of development, the one without which your essay will fail, must be the use of concrete and specific individual examples that illustrate the term. These examples should come from your own experience. You should define it from your own point of view. You should involve your own experience, your own context. Make your definition concrete and lively. Use a simile or metaphor or two—an imaginative comparison. Some personification might not hurt. Unusual word choice or puns would bring life to your paper.

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