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  • March 24th, 2016

Read Instructions

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5 pages APA STYLE first page Title page “Why The Homeless Are Always Moved Around”. Second Page Write about why the homeless are not welcome around the city or where they stay.Then the 8 questions that goes with the report are: a. What was the problem or needs/that the program sought to address? Target population. b.Who were the individuals (legislators, community leaders, others) who supported the establishment of this program and who fought against or disagreed with the program?. c.What were the arguments in favor of the program and against the program?. d.What are significant dates in the establishment of the program and against the program?. e.What were the conditions of the people targeted by this program before the program was established and after the program was established?. f.How was the program initially funded?. Have there been major changes in the funding of the program?. g.What is the effect of the program on targeted population today?. h.What is the effect of the establishment of this program on Human services workers?.

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