• March 23rd, 2016

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The midterm is 25% of your grade. These are the two essay questions that comprise 18 points out of the 25 possible points of your midterm grade. Good luck.   The questions over Marsden’s biography will be completed in class on March 23rd. For nine points: At what point was the American Revolution inevitable and beyond the ability of the British to prevent? Was it when the colonists boarded ships in the Mother Country to leave for the New World or only when the post-1763 events began to unfold in the wake of the Seven Years War or was it at some point in between? Answer these two questions in the course of an essay about the causes of the American Revolution in which you discuss the different ways in which the following events either caused or impeded the coming of the American Revolution: Columbus’s discovery of the New World; Henry VIII and his decision to create an Anglican Church; the Columbian Exchange; the settlers’ reasons for coming to the New World; the conditions in England; the distance of the colonies from the Mother Country; the presence of the Native-Americans; the Salem Witch Trials; Bacon’s Rebellion; the Enlightenment and the ideas of John Locke; the Dutch in New York; the Glorious Revolution; the Great Awakening; revolutions in commerce, news, and transportation; slavery; mercantilism; Robert Walpole; the rise of colonial assemblies and Daniel Dulany; and, last but not least, the Boston Massacre. Remember that you must right an essay! For another nine points: What was the most important lecture that we gave you so far this semester in terms of far ranging consequences? Discuss why you pick the lecture that you do and detail the consequences that make that lecture so significant.

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