• March 25th, 2016

Race and Gender Inequality In The Workplace in the United Kingdom

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Literature review: Similar to the introduction, this section requires information reporting on your part. You are going to review a number of articles (at least 6)* and books (at least 3)* in order to identify the main findings, theoretical claims, and conclusions put forth by the referenced authors. In doing that, you are required to report the type of evidence the referred authors use to support their claims as well as to identify the major untold or unspecified assumptions behind stated conclusions, claims and predictions. At least 6-7 pages long-double-spaced; Times New Roman, Font 12, one inch on each side.

Analysis: In this section, you are expected to complete a number of tasks that will require critical thinking and analysis. The tasks are the following:

Discuss the relevance/implications, strengths, and shortcomings of findings, conclusions, and claims. You have to discuss how valuable, believable, and convincing the arguments/claims are and assess the quality of the empirical evidence provided to support findings and claims/arguments (i.e. whats the quality of the research evidence (data, methods)? Did the author (s) use sufficient, relevant, and interesting data to adequately inform the reader? Do the findings illuminate the issue and advance scientific knowledge? How do the matter for race and ethnic relations? Times New Roman, Font 12, double-spaced – 1 inch on each side, at least 2-3 pages long.

Conclusions: Overall, this section should show that you are able to develop your own interpretation of the literature review. Restate your objectives and major findings and draw conclusions about the topic. State what youve learned from the literature review and formulate/raise new questions that inform or advance our understanding of the topic. Provide reflective thoughts about the impact of the research on your views regarding the topic of study. Note: This is a very important part of your paper since it is in this section that you draw all the threads together. Times New Roman, Font 12, double-spaced – 1 inch on each side, one page long.

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