• April 18th, 2016

Race – A Global Social Issue

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Include the following:
A) State the issue/problem
1-How does it impact and effect people from a global perspective (you can include how it impacts people in America as well)
2-What has been done to identify the problem and issue (as it relates to knowledge, information and education)
B) What has been done to address and solve the problem or issue
1-Identify any policies, organizations created, laws created to address the problem/issue
2-Is this issue public knowledge? Do many people know about it? Why or why not?
C) Who does the problem or issue specifically impact
1-Which racial, ethnic groups are impacted by the issue?
2-What about women, religious minorities, LGBT people?
D) Is this a newer problem or issue or has it existed for a long time?
1-Has this problem existed over time or is it a recent problem that has been established?
E) What do you think will happen with this problem and issue in the future?

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