• April 19th, 2016

Quitting smoking

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Executive Summary: What is the logic behind your proposal? Plus a summary (200-250 words) ● Statement of Need: Why is your project important?

What is the hypothesis (if research)? What is the objective? Is the project to create something new or to address an unanswered question? What is the significance? What is the innovation? ● Background/Literature Review: What are the primary references that were/will be used to develop your idea? What have others done in the field that support your idea? In which ways have others addressed your question and why are their approaches unsatisfactory? ● Project Description: Provide specifics about your project. What methods and materials will be needed? What resources, equipment, or special expertise is required? What work has already been done by you or others towards completion of the project? ● Budget Analysis: How will your project be funded? Are the resources available? ● Organization Details (if applicable): If this proposal will be submitted to an outside party then provide specific details about this organization. ● Conclusion: Summarize the main points

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