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Issues of retention and attrition underpin workforce supply and demand. What are some of the factors that support registered nurses to keep them practising within the health care profession?



Please consider the opportunities that registered nurses have in terms of their employment, and to think broadly in answering the above question


400 words (please keep the word limit)


Please use Australian sources 


Here are some resources to use


  • Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2014. Australian hospital statistics 2012–13. Health servicesseries no. 54. Cat. no. HSE 145. Canberra: AIHW.
  • AIHW Nursing and Midwifery Labour Force Survey 2009; NHWDS: nurses and midwives 2013.
  • Commonwealth Department of Health & Ageing, Last viewed 18 June 2015.
  • Health Workforce Australia 2013, Last viewed 18 June 2015

Leggatt, S 2012 ‘The public Hospital System’ in wills, L Reynolds & H Keleher( eds), 2nd ed, Understanding the Australian Health-care System, Churchill Livingstone Elsevier, Sydney, Chapter 2 pp 13 -26.



Use plain fonts such as arial or calibri

Use font size no less than 11

Use 1.5 line spacing

Set margins at 2.5cm

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