• April 2nd, 2016

Quantitative research assignment

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Need to produce mini-report (max.500 words) based on data in table and chart (scatter plot). Report involves a correlation analysis. Sections needed for report:
1. Title
2.Introduction: What is the aim of the study? What is your hypothesis?
3.Method: Who are your participants (what is the sample) ? What variables have been measured or manipulated?
4.Results: This section needs to be based on the analysis completed during the relevant workshop. The analysis worksheet explains what should be included in the results section. You need to present and label two graphs and figures appropriately.
5.Discussion: Briefly summarise the results. What can you reasonably conclude from the analysis? Are there any limitations with the sample of data and/or analysis? If there are limitations, could these be addressed by further research?
6. References .(If any have been included).
Write in Arial, 12.

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