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Quantitative Methods

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The assignment1 excel is answer. In the word file bottom has a excel file, you can copy the answer’s of procedures in VBA model. Overall, the excel result is same, but the VBA model procedures are not exactly same. Could you do a change for the excel number? For example, the answer excel number is 797.8 thousand, you can change 797,800.

Assignment 2

Use VBA to do the calculation.


Use the spreadsheet provided (Attached).

  1. Using BWAcompany as the spreadsheet closely mimics their financial statement.
  2. Get the Annual Data from the FINANCIALS section (Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash flow)
  3. Populate the data on “Input” sheet of the spreadsheet with the data from yahoo finance (enter the data manually)
  4. Use VBA to:
    1. Create a procedure that populates the “Income Statement” sheet after you delete prior data already existing on “Income Statement” sheet
    2. Create a procedure that populates the “Cash Flow” sheetafter you delete prior dataalready existing on “Cash Flow” sheet
    3. Create a procedure that calculates the ratios on “Ratio” sheetafter you delete prior data already existing on “Ratio” sheet
    4. Insert a button to populate the data automatically. The data should be populated for number of periods you indicate on “Analysis” sheet (Number_per range)
  5. Create a procedure that calculates the proforma
    1. Add a “Spinner” to select number of projection periods
    2. Create a procedure that will project Total Revenue and Cost of Revenue increase by a fixed percentage (% Increase/Decrease portion will be controlled by “Analysis” sheet, cells K6 and L6).
    3. Calculate the Gross Profit (Total Revenue-Cost of Revenue), Operating Income or Loss(Gross Profit – Sum of all operating expenses), Earnings Before Interest and Taxes (Total Other Income/Expenses Net+Operating Income or Loss), Income Before Tax (Earnings Before Interest and taxes –Interest Expense), Net Income From Continuous Ops (Income Before tax-Income tax Expense – Minority Interest), Net Income (Net Income From Continuous Ops+ Sum of Non-Recurring Events)
    4. Make sure the proforma columns have dates
  6. Calculate the ratios for the proforma


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