• January 10th, 2017

Quality Training Manual intro

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Tasks for Part 2 will be completed in Week 5 and will be 250–300 words.
5. Week 5: Roll-Out
o A communication plan
o Recommended sequence of steps to get personnel trained
o Stakeholders on board (e.g., the vendor base, trucking companies, warehouse personnel)
The project deliverables for Week 1 are as follows:
• Week 1: Introduction (250–300 words)
o You will prepare an outline of the Quality Control Manual. The first part of the manual will be the Introduction. This should include a history of the quality management evolution and why it is needed.
 List and discuss 2-3 of the specific directions that companies are adopting in terms of strategic quality management?
 Explain the evolution of and the pros and cons of such programs as Deming and Six Sigma.

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