• April 16th, 2016

Quality Management System

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Summary of Assessment 1 Requirements
You are required to complete this assignment on your own.
There are two parts to this assessment, you must complete both parts.

Part A:

Investigate four (4) theoretical QMS models.
Write a brief outline of each theory.
You must use your own words to describe each model or theory. In your discussion include the relative merits and disadvantages for each of the four models. You may copy a few images to supplement your discussion, these images must be correctly referenced using APA 6 style. The word limit for Part A is between 1500-2000 words.

Part B
In Part B you are required to critique and evaluate the quality management systems of three (3) different organisations.
Select the three organisations from the following types of structures: public, private, government, not-for-profit, trust, sole trader, partnerships, or franchise.
In your discussion of each organisation:
o Provide a brief introduction to the organisation such as their field of business and the ownership structure
o Describe and evaluate their quality management system.
o Critique each firm’s QMS in regards to the eight quality principles:
o State whether or not you think each firm’s QMS is appropriate for the organisation, justify your thinking.
o The word limit for Part B is between 1500-2000 words.

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