• April 26th, 2016

Public Administration in the policy process

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


1- Describe and explain the policy implications of federal taxes and spending as a % of GDP.  What impact does this have for the future?


2- Describe one policy issue that should be addressed with both:

Medicare and Medicaid.


3-Briefly describe No Child Left Behind, Race To The Top, and Every Student Succeed Act.  View these programs from a federalist perspective and briefly explain the direction you believe federal education policy is pursuing.


4-Describe two policy issues that you believe must be addressed regarding education in the United States.  Briefly describe on policy solution or reform that could address each issue.


5- Clean Air Act and Clear Water Act (Water Pollution)  Have they been effective?  Why or why not?  Use data in your answer.


6- “Cap and Trade “explain why you believe this policy should be followed.


7- Explain how the concept of sustainability can be used in the policy process.  Be sure to discuss all three components of sustainability.

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