• October 3rd, 2017

Psy 105 Unit 5 Assignment: Reflection Paper

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NOTE: Please follow the things that were discussed in this course based on Unit 4 Dicussion 1. Please use it as a guideline to answer this unit 5 question. And please explain a diffrent topic based on the guidlines disscussed in unit 4 disscussion 1. Please view the attach below for unit 4 discussion 1. Please provide 2 pages instead of 1. Please follow all guidlines below with proper APA formatting.
Write a 1 – 2 page paper reflecting on a specific concept you have learned in this course. You are encouraged to draw on the reflection you began in the Unit 4 Discussion 1. Use the online library to find a source on the topic to validate your own perspectives and insights in your essay. The essay should be developed using your own thoughts and experiences while utilizing your research only as a minor contribution to validate the concepts addressed in your essay. Here are the elements you should incorporate:
• Explain the topic you have chosen in your own words.
• Discuss why you found it relevant or important.
• Incorporate one quote from a source on the subject from the online library.
• Explain the significance of the quote on the subject.
• Discuss how you will use the topic or concept in your work or personal life.

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