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Psy 105 Unit 4 Discussion 1: A Life Well-lived | UK US Essays
  • October 3rd, 2017

Psy 105 Unit 4 Discussion 1: A Life Well-lived

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Unit 4 Discussion 1: A Life Well-lived
What does a “life well-lived” mean to you? Think about a possible life path for yourself and discuss how what you have learned in this course will help you to achieve your goals. In the next unit, you will be asked to write in a little more detail about the concept you choose, so select something that has had significant meaning for you.
Discuss the following in your initial post:
• How will pursuing your chosen career field give you a sense of mastery and purpose, as well as meeting your financial needs?
• List a few specific goals that would help you achieve a sense of accomplishment.
• How will you impact the world around you and contribute to the development of others?
• What is one concept or strategy you have learned in this course that you have found meaningful? Choose something that you can apply in achieving the life well-lived that you envision.
When responding to your classmates, consider the goals they have selected and recommend concepts or strategies from the course that they may help them in addition to those they have mentioned.

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