• March 7th, 2016


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The most popular books on archaeology are not by actual researchers but frauds that use archaeological sites and material to support fantastical claims of all stripes. These claims include long lost civilizations that had technologies that even now would be considered advanced and aliens building some the world’s most famous monuments. With everything you now know you should be well equipped to debunk these claims.
You will look at Graham Hancock’s Fingerprints of the Gods. You will also be given copies of Frauds, Myths and Mysteries: Science and Pseudoscience in Archaeology.
I want you to look at this pseudoarchaeology books and take them apart. What claims are they making? What kind of research did was done? What data is present? Does it support those claims (probably not)? Is the evidence misrepresented (probably)? I want you to write a paper explaining why these books are not taken seriously by archaeologists, discussing how evidence is presented to lead to farfetched claims such as aliens built the pyramids.

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