• April 21st, 2016

Protection Power and Participation

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“ A major challenge in building a more responsive child protection system is helping a wide range of professionals to work together well in order to build an accurate understanding of what is happening in the child or young persons life”(Munro 2011, pp.9.)

Explore the above quotation and critically analyse and evaluate the conceptualisation and facilitation of protection, power and participation of children and families with regard to Education.
Please ensure that you address the following four learning outcomes within the essay.
1. Critically analyse and evaluate the concepts and ideologies around protection, power and participation alongside the international and national policy and practice.
2. Identify, critically analyse and evaluate the processes and systems which facilitate and advocate such concepts in legislation, policy and practice in children’s and families services both nationally and internationally
3. Identify and critically analyse the personal and professional skills and strategies required to facilitate advocacy and promote children’s protection, power and participation in differing contexts
4. Critically analyse and evaluate responsibilities and roles of children, families, professionals and services in varying contexts.

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