• March 30th, 2016

Protect Critical Infrastructure from Cyber-Terrorist Attacks

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


Write a paper, 5 pages of double spaced content as a minimum, addressing the attached case study. Respond to the case in essay form, with a clear thesis paragraph and body paragraphs which relate the appropriate components (below) within the case(s). Be sure to include a concluding paragraph.

  1. Thoroughly discuss the critical infrastructure (CI) (the defensive protection mechanisms and the offensive protection mechanisms’ approaches), the eDare system is programmed to protect
  2. Identify where eDare is enabled and the processes used to protect customers on the core network. Describe fully how the DSS is used to analyze executable files
  3. Define and classify malware. How does eDare architecture protect the end user using KHMH and NMDM. Thoroughly explain, compare and contrast these two approaches in terms of AI neural network algorithms.
  4. Describe the five analysis capabilities the eDare agent performs on the user’s device to conduct critical infrastructure protection & feedback
  5. What is NAT? How does the eDare system approach NAT? Does the decision involve one or several protocols?

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